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Environmental Remediation

Oil From Waste Plastic!

It takes constant diligence to make progress protecting and bettering our environment World-wide. As we know, not enough dollars and attention go toward these goals.

Aquarian Quest is embracing cleaning up plastic waste and giving it a second, useful life while helping protect wildlife and Human life in the process.

Aquarian Quest, Inc. is actively setting about to create and operate the first Pyrolysis plant in the Caribbean.  For an explanation and more detail click below.

Ecology Education

Adventure Sails for Students & Adults

OK, so how do we ensure that people will be aware of our Planet's environmental woes? How do we accelerate getting the word out about the problems and possible solutions?

Young people and interested adults are the answer! Aquarian Quest has been working with children and adults for almost 10 years providing a unique, on-the-water Marine Ecology Education Program.

Aquarian Quest's program is proven through the successful participation of over 10,000 school children and over 3,500 adults. Please click below for more information.


Now we live here on this silver-blue space ship we call planet Earth. So far, it's the only planet we know of where there is life. Nearly 3/4 of the Earth's surface is covered by water. Of that water, about 97% is salt sea/ocean water. The remaining 3% is fresh water.

Believe it or not, that leaves only 1%  (one percent) of the Earth's water as drinkable! All the rest is locked up in glaciers, ice caps and mixed with salt water. Drinking, growing food, washing, etc. is supplied by that 1% of the globe's water supply for everyone.

Without that 1% being viable, drinkable, and pure there would be no life!  This is why our mission is so critical. We must protect this priceless gift of nature to be able to live here...let's work together to insure we and future generations have enough unpolluted water to survive...

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Did You Know...

Aquarian Quest's Unique approach allows us to actually deal with the major plastic pollution problem here in the Caribbean while at the same time engaging with communities about the ultimate importance of the Planet's water resources through a proven marine ecology education program that is hands-on and exciting. One supports the other...



Aquarian Quest, Inc. is now located in the Caribbean and embarking on its mission to retrieve oil from plastic waste and tires. This represents our Environmental Remediation Division.

Aquarian Quest has brought its long-standing Marine Ecology Education Division to the Caribbean to serve young people and adults throughout the region. Please click on the links to learn more about what we are creating. Thank You!

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