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Marine Ecology Education


Aquarian Quest is a non-profit Marine Ecology Education program which helps young people and adults understand the critical importance of our seas, oceans and estuaries - the Earth's irreplaceable water resources.

The education program works primarily with schools, churches and any groups supporting children and young adults. Our Schoolship is the floating classroom offering four learning stations: Plankton, Fish, Water Quality and The Hydro-logic Cycle. This is a fun, effective, hands-on approach to learn about our water environment.  Students who are physically involved in learning tend to retain far more knowledge than those engaged in passive learning.

Aquarian Quest was first established in 2000 and has sailed with over 10,000 young people and over 3,500 adults in the State of Florida.

Participants use a net to investigate plankton creatures, investigate the onboard fish tank with live specimens, test the oxygen content of the water the ship is sailing in and learn how water changes from salt to fresh and back again. This outing describes the essential food web in the oceans which makes our planet the basis for life. These experiences are all based on hands-on learning, helping raise awareness of the constant pollution threats to our oceans, lakes and estuaries and how they can help.

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