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Preliminary Pyrolysis Plant Guidelines

First Things First!

* Land  Procurement - 1 acre or more near Charlestown, Nevis (main town)

* Research Zoning - Need non-agricultural. Must be Commercial/Industrial.

* Firm registration for new venture - In Place - Aquarian Quest, Inc. - #25/2016, Charlestown in the Island of Nevis 9 June, 2016

* Obtain property plat plan showing proposed industry land survey map. This will lead to plan showing plant layout, a final plan and then blueprints for project.

* Complete Estimation of Structures, for example: Machinery Shed +/-3,500sf, Carbon Shed +/-1,300sf, Tire Cutting Shed +/- 1,100sf, Office/Storeroom +/- 1,000sf, Burning Room +/-100sf, Security Room +/-100sf, Toilet facilities +/-100sf, etc.

* Estimates for Other Physical Plant including: Site work, Road work, Bore well, Fencing, Gates, Security equipment cost and design.

* Rough out the initial Budget requirements. Produce any legal land reports for banks/investors.

* Estimate available feed stock currently and in the future to be able to properly size plant capacities.


* Calculate: per day raw materials, per day product yield, per day percentages of possible products. (An example for typical tire output: 10% gas, 15%steel, 45%oil, 30%carbon)

* Roi estimations for waste plastic and tire processing product sales. Including marketable oil, black char, steel and gas.

* If possible, produce a 3D, animated flow chart of the full production process.

* Other plant factors: Plant may require 45KW of power and 2,000 liters of water per day.

* Required Plant Personnel - Role, Responsibilities,  Salaries (TBD)

* Typical Positions: General Manager (1), Accountant (1), Floor Super (1), Unskilled workers (3), Cleaning (1), Prep/tire cutting workers (2) Security (1), Raw material collection super (1)

* Diesel Gen Set, Electric Service, Possible transformer, Water Service.

* Quotation on specific plant equipment. For example: Burner, Reactor, Gas Separator, Heavy Oil Tank, Condensers, Oil Storage Tanks, Water Seal, Flue tube Condenser, De-dusting System. Plant Installation  and Testing. This list may not be complete depending on the scope of the plant operation.

Plant Personnel

Plant and Processing Equipment

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